HGTV Casting

Published April 30, 2012 by Julie Provenzano

Did you just buy a home?

Are you going to renovate it?

Could you use some help from HGTV?

Our design experts and carpenters will transform your home quickly to add sophistication and value!

We are currently casting recent homebuyers in the DALLAS area area who fit the following description:

- At the end of their escrow 
- Bought a home in the $200K to $600K range
- Purchased the home for less than the listing price
- Have $10K to go towards renovation
- Should be between 25-45 years old

Interested parties should submit the following info:

- Picture of home buyers
- Names of buyers
- Contact info for buyers
- Name/contact info of realtor
- Link to house (MLS, Redfin, etc.)
- What price was the house originally listed?
- What price did the home buyers offer?
- What stage is the escrow in? (inspection, appraisal, closing date, etc.)
- Info about the buyers and why they are buying.

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