Why Siri Is Bad For Business

Published March 10, 2012 by Julie Provenzano

These text exchanges with clients from the past week are too hysterical not to share. The thing I love about texting is that it's such an efficient way to get a quick answer to an easy question. Unless your phone's autocorrect has other things in mind.

See below how the iPhone's "Siri" can hijack a respectable conversation and leave two people wondering about one another. For the record, both my sellers gave permission for me to post this.

Click here to enjoy.


ME: Do you need me to line up a painter? Is the leak fixed?

CLIENT: Nothing fixed. Just got back in town...and I'm not the diarrhea type. I have someone coming over tomorrow...it's not just painting. Full sheetrocking, demo and painting quotes.

CLIENT: OMG diarrhea type. LOL. That was suppose to say fixer upper!

Or this beauty (different client, same week)...

ME: Is your fireplace wood burning or gas?

CLIENT: The fireplace has a girl Spencarian it is geared for Doust although I've used it for work as well not asked the chimney is Ben clean by you Chimneysweep and is in very good shape. 

ME: I didn't get any of that.

CLIENT: Let me try again bad voice activation.  



Evil Siri