Time For A Change?

Published January 20, 2012 by Julie Provenzano

As marketing strategies go, I have to give this guy credit for a funny but extraordinarily misguided approach to getting new business.

My broker received a package today and cautiously opened it to find this handwritten letter and, well, a diaper. 

According to his note, Ron White is "the Nation's #1 Brain Athlete". I'm still not clear on what that means but it's 5 o'clock on a Friday and personally I'm tired of thinking. He is soliciting speaking engagements at office meetings to help people "triple their memory and triple their business". Apparently "tripling your business sense" is not included. 

I definitely will credit this guy for one thing. No, two. This made me laugh and here I am blogging about it so maybe he's onto something. It's not for my office and it's certainly not for me but it certainly is a way to get noticed. 

One last thing. What's with the keywords in the stationary header? Jam? Queen? Noodle? Tree?

I have zero interest in his offer but something about this letter makes me want to root for the guy. 

Diaper Mailing